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Jan 3, 2020

This episode we turn the microphone on Canada's leading Agriculture expert Shaun Haney of

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Picture Butte, Alberta’s unique and competitive landscape of corporate farming
  • Themes of the best managed farms:
    • Clear division of responsibilities
    • Clear communication of strategy and operational direction
    • Not crossing the line of Business vs. Family
    • Ignore tendencies to compare by respecting and trusting each other
  • Off-farm spouses need to remain informed and in “the circle”
  • Love of the land makes succession and transitions tricky
  • Communication can’t just be what people want to hear
  • Bringing RealAg radio from a hobby to a leading resource for farmers
  • Anne Wasko who is a leading cattle analyst and who took a chance on Shaun in the early days
  • Three types of people Shaun interviews
  • Enjoying the process of the grind and travel
  • The phobia of staying informed
  • The “Moneyball” moment is coming to the farm

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