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Mar 9, 2020

A live interview with Mike Davis of the Davis Auto Group from the 2020 Tiffin Agricultural Conference.  
In this episode, we talk about:
  • A fire in Fort MacLeod brought Mike’s dad John home to start their entry into the auto business.
  • The dynamic of working in the family business motivated Mike to work hard and ensure he wasn’t labelled the “entitled dealers son”
  • All the brothers worked for many years in the business until they became managers and eventually shareholders
  • Entry into other businesses varied from necessity to finding a great business partner who wanted to stay involved and grow with a like minded partner
  • All the businesses have a partner or a future intent of having a owner on the ground in each community they operate.
  • The groups 4 core values are teamwork - family - integrity - community 
  • Central services looks after all the accounting, IT, call center and HR/payroll for all the separate entities
  • Dad’s mentor style was to lead by example and do what is right all the time, correction came if you strayed from the core values.
  • Mike got paid a fair salary for the work he did in the company which as value he hopes to pass down to his kids of the 4th generation
  • It wasn’t about drawing dividends, it was an intentional decision to take out less so they could grow and acquire more businesses over the years
  • Do something you love and you’ll never be clock watcher
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